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Jun 4, 2011

Hello World!

Where to begin…this should be easier than it is, or not! I was thinking that since my six year old has started a blog, I should educate myself on the whole process. What better way to do that, than to dive in and do my own! I started on fb and really enjoy sharing what’s happening in my life, but I don’t want to spam the boards…so here I am!

I can’t promise my spelling will always be correct or in complete sentences. I write from my heart and share what I think may be helpful to you (either because it will make you laugh, give you a breath to make it another day, and occasionally make you cry). We are all in this world together. Separated by many things, yet heading in the same direction. We want to raise our babies to be good people. We love our families. Some of us are stay at home moms, others work part time, and others work full time! I myself have done all of that! I started off working in a fast paced bank, then getting pregnant, became a stay at home mom for just about 10 years, went back to school to get my real estate license, the market crashed causing me to go back to the drawing board…and now, at 40, I am back in school to finish what I started 20 years ago! My nursing degree! So now, like my three children, I am a full time student, lugging my overloaded back pack back and forth!!

My goal is to provide a nonthreatening platform for us to share with each other respectfully, lovingly and non-judgementally! We can learn so many things from each other! I am hoping to share what happens to us on a regular basis. I love to cook…trying to learn to bake! Never been my strong suit, but I’m still trying! I love to spend time laughing with my family and friends. If I had time to play in a garden, or a garden to play in, I would love to do that too! I like to walk/run! I love to watch the birds. We are fortunate enough that there is a finch family living right outside our kitchen window. We love to watch them every morning!!

So, there you have it…my first post. Lets see how this goes! lol…I think I might even try adding a picture!

Hope this finds you well and maybe even enjoying a quiet moment with a semi-warm cup of coffee!